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The Identification Section is responsible for the collection, comparison and interpretation of physical trace evidence found at crime scenes. Various types of evidence are analyzed in an effort to connect a suspect to a crime or associate particular items to a specific source.

The Identification Section is currently staffed with two full-time employees. Services offered are latent print examination, the processing of crime scenes for evidence, computer forensics, video enhancement, latent fingerprint searches through the Georgia Bureau of Investigation System fingerprint database, and latent fingerprint searches through the Federal Bureau of Investigation Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System fingerprint database.

The Identification Section also utilizes the only Vacuum Metal Deposition System currently in operation in the State of Georgia. This system develops fingerprints by coating them with small amounts of metal. Each Employee of the Identification Section also provides expert testimony in local, state, and federal courts.

Our crime lab was recently renamed
The Glenn P. Hutchinson ID Lab
in honor of retired
Crime Scene Specialist
Glenn Hutchinson

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